Thursday, January 21, 2016

woven vest [sold]

one of a kind vest sample.  Handwoven cotton exterior, line with raw silk, side pockets and tie belt.  New.  $150

meeting dress black linen sample XS / S [sold]

meeting dress in black linen, sample.  $70

mini duffle black sample [sold]

first production "sample" ever made at our local factory, new, just been in the studio on the shelf being sad because it doesn't have a home and it was sentimental to me, haha.  YKK zipper instead of riri.  (sample in in quotes because there's nothing wrong with it)  $320.  

medium dot pouches [sold]

sample - two available.  $60 each.

sample milo dot wallet [sold]

sample from production, a few printing errors.  $98

two mini dot pouches [sold]

two mini dot pouches, new.  older size / style.  $45 for both, give one to a friend!