Friday, October 12, 2012

Enkidu Dress - Small sample [sold]

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 Enkidu Dress in size small, sample. Dress is exactly same as the one in my shop except the inset ends with a natural stripe on the ends instead of the black one. Striped black and natural dress with square inset.  Shop description:

Fabric is a thick weight linen/cotton blend perfect for winter and will soften after a few times in the wash. Back pleat, sleeves can be worn cuffed up or down. Hits above the knee, measures 33" in length. Fitted in the shoulders, loose fit throughout. Models wear a size small and medium. Fabric is woven in France, 80% linen, 20% cotton. $150


  1. Hi Julia! I'd love to have one of these Enkido dresses, but not sure which size to go with. I'm usually an xs, but sometimes things are a little tight in the shoulders. Is there any give to the fabric and/or will the S shrink a little more in the wash?

  2. Hi Christina,

    Sorry but someone emailed me about the dress first and they have purchased it. Thanks though!