Sunday, February 17, 2013

antipast & vivienne westwood socks [sold]

socks1 socks2

antipast and vivienne westwood japanese sock lot!  i'm deciding it's time to part with a small portion of my sock collection.  these are all barely worn/if worn at all (see description below for details) all of these were between $40-50 retail.  I would generally think it's kind of weird to re-sell socks, so I wouldn't list these unless they were in great condition.

(left to right)

1. Beige Antipast over the knee socks - cotton with light red lines and dots going across.  purchased at mina perhonen in japan.

2. Pink striped Antipast over the knee socks.  Only tried on, new. Metallic thread throughout. From matta, ny.

3. Antipast green striped socks.  Worn about 5 times, probably have the most wear of all the socks but still in good condition.  from matsu  in boston.

4. Antipast nautical green striped socks with small anchor.  Worn once or twice, in almost new condition. from a shop in japan, can't remember which.

5. Vivienne Westwood socks from isetan department store.  green, blue, and gold stripes.  Worn once, almost new.

All 5 pairs: $40 plus $6 for shipping in the US.

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  1. Hi! If you still have these socks, please email me BUBSBEAU at HOTMAIL.COM