Monday, November 11, 2013

dieppa restrepo dina crate [7] reduced [sold]

IMG_3827 IMG_3829 IMG_3830

item: dieppa restrepo dina in crater
fabric:  crackled leather 
size: 7
fit:  run true to size - too small for a 7.5 as an fyi 
condition: great condition worn twice - i tried tracking these down for a long time in this colorway and could only find a size 7 - which i knew was too small for me but at the time i didn't care because i wanted them so much . measures 9.75" from heel to toe.  comes with box.  
price: $75


  1. Hi! I'm interested in these. Would you mind providing the length of the insole?


  2. Hi - just in case you're still looking for these in 7.5, they're the last remaining size available here!
    (If you ever see a size 6 do let me know, I've been looking for this colorway too.)