Thursday, December 18, 2014

milo wallet cream sample [sold]

YMC1 YMC3 YMC2 NEW Milo wallet sample in cream bullhide. New version. magnetic closure, 8 card slots plus extra area in the back. Interior area corner had a mistake and was edge coated, see last pic. $150


  1. Hi Julia,

    I love your Milo wallets! However cannot make my mind up between the cream and the navy.
    Is it difficult to clean the cream one when it gets darker in time? Is the navy more like indigo?


  2. Thanks for your comment! I actually just sold the navy one so I only have the cream one left. I have been using a cream one myself and it hasn't gotten that dirty, it's only darkened a bit on the bottom corners (and things like this will happen with all light color leathers). I actually got something on it at one point and was worried I'd ruined it and then tried washing it with spot cleaning w/ water and it came right out, I was really surprised. Please let me know if you'd like it. Thank you!